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DMB Caravan at the Gorge

For the 13th year, I have spent my labor day weekend at the Gorge with friends watching a wonderful band put on great shows.  The only difference this year was the new friends we made. 


This photo shows the start of the fun, our neighbors across the street brought over some PBR and invited everyone to take part in a shotgun.  I was so surprised that Jessica was so eager and she was really good at it.  IMG_0218

Me & YouIMG_0220

Jessica & Chris



Friday Night Show.  Ron bought me that sweet sweatshirt and gave it to me when I was cold.  Its totally something I would want to buy, but never would.  There’s a huge firedancer on the back.  Afterwards, we walked back to camp and fell into out tents.IMG_0231

Morning of Day 2- Saturday





The Cave Singers


There are some interesting people at the shows.  The weird lady on the left, for example.  Here are some more fans.



IMG_0263 IMG_0264


I snagged this photo of the guy behind Jenny in white, we think its jeff bridges.  Thoughts? 

IMG_0276 JeffBridges1.jpg


Overall I thought Fridays show better than Saturday.  It was a bit too mellow-long jam for my liking.  But it was great fun to hang with jenny and troy, watch the sun set and listen to some great music.  Along with the cave singers and DMB we saw some of The Roots but missed seeing Devotchka.  Another time.  Jen and Troy gave us a ride back to the campsite and that was the last we saw of the that weekend. 


According to the weather report, Sunday was going to be HOT, and the shuttle driver on Saturday said it could be 100!  I don’t know how hot it was but numbers don’t really matter.  We moved out of the sun into shade cast by a large RV,IMG_0286

Ron took a nap under our truck.



Lots of hot dogs


Hiding out in the shade


Group Photo


Filipe the flamingo enjoyin some firefly tea


Kirsten double fisting red and white wine.

Sunday afternoon Dave and Tim played a show on the Meadow stage.  We walked right up to row six as they were coming on stage.  We couldn’t have timed it better.  It was a great show (imo the best of the weekend) and they played mostly busted stuff songs.


After the show we took the shuttle back, and thankfully Rusty and Courtney were at the front of the line, so we walked up and got on with them.  That line was really long, so it was more blind luck.


Inebriated artsy photos



One of the coolest things about the Sunday show was a long strand of glow sticks that were being passed around.  It was passed down to our “normal” spot, and by the end of the show it had made its way down to the “reserved” section and wound it around.  Dave said “look what we can do when we work together”.  Ron said the glow sticks were overshadowing Dave a bit.  Either way it was cool. 


Monday we got up early, tore the camp down and took off for home.  We stopped in Eburg for Mcdonalds, and thorp for boxes of peaches (canning with Shannon tomorrow), my parents to pick up Rogan, GerKir’s to drop off Chris and Jessica, and then home for a 3 hour nap!!!  It was a great weekend, and a wonderful way to say goodbye to the annual trip to see them at the gorge.

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