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Annual Fall Camping

In about a hour and a half my honey’s (R.) going to leave work for the weekend, and were going Camping!  This will be the fourth year we have camped in the end of September with Andy (and now) his beautiful wife Erika.  This is the official end of summer for me, and I have started realizing how fun it is to camp when there’s hardly anybody there, water temps aren’t unbelievably cold, and there are really a lot of amenities at Daroga State Park.  I just pulled everything I can imagine we’ll need out of the garage, and it’s a lot of stuff.  I feel like this will be the last camping trip of the year,   second to last camping trip of the year (I’m thinking that camping would be fun for Al & Angie’s wedding in 2 weeks in NE Oregon), so I need to come up with a better storage idea for all this stuff.  The garage is packed to full, and we need more space.  I’m committed to cleaning out clutter in my house over winter. 


Thing’s I am bringing this time for the first time: hammocks (2), kites, basketball and football,   rollerblades (& I wish (R.) had a bike so we could go on a long ride).  And never to be without ladder golf and Frisbee golf.  Andy and Erika are such a fun couple to travel with, almost always  moving and up for anything.  Not to forget the wakeboard and air chair.  They’re even pulling their boat over, so were leaving our’s home.  Oh, I’d better go through the board games and find the dice.  Cheers!

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