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We have a card reader!

It’s been quite some time since my last update, but without pictures I’m only describing progress.  My wonderful husband fixed the computer and now all the photo’s I have taken can be uploaded!


Look familiar to anyone else…Ron and I have become regular’s again here, and my bathroom makeover has inspired both of us to get going on some other improvements.  As for the bathroom makeover, progress has finally been made.  The sheet rocking phase is Terrr-able!  But once the mud and texture dried I was feeling like the end was in sight.




From there the paint went on and thankfully I really liked it.  A few weeks ago I combined three old paint colors into hopefully a color that is exactly what I wanted.  I used “silver birch” as a base, and added a “whale grey color” and then a green-grey color.  The resulting color doesn’t come out well in photos, but in person I would describe it as “light whale grey” Smile


The next step was to cut and install the board and batten.  This was A lot of fun!  This was the easiest part of the project, and it kept me going for hours.  Here’s the results.




How about some side by side comparisons for effect.




Here’s my punch list for the guest bathroom makeover.

One more coat of paint on wainscoting (two already on)

Another coat of grey on top

Paint ceiling grey

Install cabinet, sink, new faucet and drain.

Repaint mirror from red to plum (you can see the red above, its too BRIGHT!)

Buy shower rod

Install towel bars, etc.

Clean bathroom!!! (lots of dust (mud too) and dirty floors)

Decorate with all the stuff I’ve bought along the way (finally)

Not too much, mostly painting.  My plan is to finish this makeover this week working on it after work, that way I can get the house back to normal and clean (abnormal) before we go to Hawaii.

How about you, done anything big to your home?  Broke any technical items or got anything new?  Been to Ikea lately?  I have.  More later.IMG_0573

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