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What a Weekend

21 days ago we learned that our refrigerator was kaput, and we began the search for what we really wanted.  We decided upon a bottom freezer and shopped around.  When I came home from work on Friday, Ron had me call a lady about a fridge, a black bottom freezer Kenmore down in Spanaway.  The kicker, it was for sale for $250.  We drove down and “took that baby to the market and brought it home” as coined on YHL.  However, it STUNK.  It had what I call a “fat smell” aka nancy cavisel.  We bought a variety of cleaners, and Ron got to cleaning.  We brought it in (with much difficulty), Ron cleaned it some more, and went to bed at 230am.  The 830am-dog-barking-because-someone-knocked was a shock, and my parents were here to take us to breakfast.  The smell was still here, still strong, but we went to breakfast, then Ikea-Costco-lunch-Macy’s Home Furniture Clearance. 

Once we returned home (around 4) we dropped off the parents and went to Home Depot.  We needed more cleaning products I think.  We wandered around and picked up a lot of little things for other projects and headed home.  Ron cleaned the fridge more, and we think he found what the smell was from (something to do with decomposing fly larva), and mopped the kitchen floor.  It was another late night.


Sunday we awoke naturally, rose and went in search of a cabinet fix for next to the fridge.  We didn’t want another bookshelf in the kitchen (gasp!) and only had 29 inches to work with.  A pantry cabinet at the Depot cost 280-300 dollars and was too high.  Ron decided that he would make a built in cabinet, and bought three sheets of melamine and a bi-fold door.  The result…I love it.  We have more room, and its hidden.  Before the dishes were all out in the open, now they’re hidden behind the door.  The kitchen feels much more put together. 








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