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Wow that took a long time

My guest bathroom makeover is complete progressed far enough to be done for a long time even though I still have a list of things to complete but I’m not going to do that before I go to Maui.  It was a long project, and just when I thought I was getting good at sheetrock work, I was put in my place (through multiple layers of sanding).  The end result is exactly what I was hoping for.  A clean crisp place for our guests.  As well as a place for the toilet paper.   Here are the before and after shots.


The above before picture was taken after removing a 4 shelf bookcase holding towels and a boat-load of magazines.







I love the vibrant yellow color of the towels and the bath mat.  I painted the mirror purple, changed the faucet, changed the pulls on the vanity, added towel racks, moved the light fixture from the ceiling to the wall and installed a new exhaust fan. Well, Ron did the last two for me.  All in all I think this project really adds value to our home.  I was very surprised to be reading a blog that I follow and see a VERY similar bathroom.  Welcome to Heardmont.  Great inspiration seeps into the subconscious.

Next project (to be completed by Christmas)

13 foot desk in the front room like Young House Love

Oh…and “thats what she said”

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  1. Anonymous
    October 6, 2011 at 11:53 am

    what a fun project to do. The new walls and mirror give a classy look to the room. Great style!

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