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This changes everything

I finally got a laptop, and this changes everything.  Hopefully this will increase my blog posts, and allow me to multi-task much more efficiently.  We found it on Costco.com.  And I mean the royal we (since Ron found it for me).   We had looked for a while at Costco, fry’s, and BestBuy but I would have had to compromise if I went with any of the options there.  This one has everything I could want, hdmi out, blu ray burner, Intel core i-5 processor, and a rather large screen.  One thing Ron taught me was the upgraded usb drive.  I didn’t know there was such a thing.  The only possible down side is that it was refurbished by the manufacturer (Samsung).  Ron reassured me that they make sure to fully test refurbished products so its kinda better than brand new.  I bought it, both figuratively and literally, Wednesday night before going to bed (at about 11:30).  It was to arrive within  3-5 business days so I was thinking it would arrive on Monday.  Well, Friday morning the lovely Costco emailed me saying it would be delivered that day.  Unbelievable, but totally awesome.  So this is my first post from said laptop. 

The other thing that has completely changed is my blog address.  Its kind of a long story, but the short of it is my husband makes some AMAZING fried chicken.  We’ve had some great friends over for that once-a-year dinner and word spread at their work about the chicken, and now were referred to as Chicken Ron Chicken Rose.  Maybe someday we’ll open our very own fried chicken stand.  Is it possible to make fried chicken healthily?  Anyways, I love the nickname and came across a perfect pair of garden statues for the nickname, and decided that it was much more fun (and versatile) than my pinteresting home.  After all, not all I do is from pinterest.  Lots of it is now from blogs I read due to my interaction with pinterest. 

So there you have it, new hardware and new blog name.  Lots of changes for 24 hours, but lots of time change is for the better.  Now to go straighten my hair, put it in a sock bun (link here) and get ready to go watch UW vs. Oregon while celebrating my BFF’s 32nd birthday.  Love you Jen.


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