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Cruising for Fonts

While out last night I learned that I could order vinyl decal’s from my BFF’s sister-in-law and that got me thinking…I need some different fonts.  Obviously one search of “fonts” on pinterest and I was on my way.  The first one, names vis a vis looks like this….

I’ am not sure this would  be used for a canvas or a wall decal, but it would be good for a party invite.  I like the quote from the web site illustrating this font.   “you cant depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” ~mark twain  Now off to find more.

Tangerine is a lot like the writing used on the ring from lord of the rings. It’s a small font, I’m typing in size 24.  I do really like this one.  It would be good for a lot of projects. 

1942 is a old-timey typeface, good for invites and I may like it enough to be the standard font of this blog.  Who knows, 

Journal is also a small font, this is size 12, and this is size 24, which is much easier to read.  This is a great font, and quite possibly my favorite new font of the day. 

The link for all of these fonts is here.  I really never knew that you could just go out and download new fonts.  I wonder if you can hide the boring fonts you never use (i.e. wingdings, wtf is that?).  Have a relaxing happy Sunday, we need to winterize our ski boat since it was freezing here last night, and start moving the computer into the back office (since this laptop will enable us to surf the webs in the living room).  God Bless.

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