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Head Start on Christmas

My family is accidentally ridiculous.  There are three of us girls born to Robert and Patricia, who’s birthdays are a day apart in December.  My oldest sister married Dan, who’s birthday is actually on Christmas (poor guy), and then had a son in December.  My middle sister meanwhile, had a son in December too, and my husband’s birthday is also in December.  Its freakin unbelievable.  My husbands littlest sister birthday is in December and her new husband’s in early January. My dad’s wife Marie is also a December baby.  Throw in close friends, birthdays in the beginning of January (4) and I have a GIANT need to plan ahead.  Luckily I do like to shop, and shopping sales is a particular pleasure I partake in throughout the year.  I have a big Rubbermaid out in the garage full of potential gifts that I went through today create a list of what I have so I finally know what I still need to find.  This year’s goal is to finish shopping and wrapping by Black Friday weekend. 


All that said to get to the point,  I found a couple cool gifts that I can’t wait to give and one that I like so much I’m going to keep it and find something else (sorry dad). 


The baseball glove is actually a lefty, and should fit my nephew Nathan quite nicely.  The boy is obsessed with sports, watches consistently, and is quite the statistician for a eight-year-old.  The brass sailboat was originally purchased at a antique store in Seattle for my Dad, and has been sitting in my gift pile in a paper bag for about 3 months, but last week I was going through everything and fell in love with it.  My dad has always had a “thing” for sailboats.  When I was in high school he sailed out of the Puget Sound, down the western coast into the Sea of Cortez where he lived on the boat for about a year.  I have caught his desire for sailing, and while visiting him and Marie in August I noticed he has a brass sailboat of similar size.  This was purchased for him, but I realized that if I gave it to him I would be searching for one for myself again, and he already has one!  Smile  It is quite a cool boat, but it could use some polish.


Oh, and the glove was an extra 40% off clearance at Fred Meyers, and the boat was 50% off of $12.  Unbelievable deals!

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