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Lower living room

There’s been quite a lot of progress here at the firple house, pronounced fur-ple, like purple.  That’s how we referred to the house when we were house shopping.  Ron felt it has a hue of purple, and there are 7 fir trees on the property (there were 8).  The living room de-clutter-kick the computer back to the bedroom we moved the bed out of-re-organization is in full swing.  The ideas are flowing, and the clutter is being organized, visualizations are being drawn. 

But I cant find my camera, so the only pictures I’ve taken are with my phone, and the flash is terrible, about as bad as my living room lighting.  So here are some pictures from that nifty handheld computer with a camera that’s also a phone.

Before: yesterday I started on the curtains


Today I lowered the curtains, moved the table, moved some art, made some art, de-cluttered, and envisioned.  For a much crisper: AfterWP_001234

Here’s the art.WP_001236

It’s a Hawaiian fish, which is apparently a Hawaiian tradition that Ron was a part of last time we were in Maui.  A bride and her bridesmaids make the fish and then give them away to men.  They asked to give it to him, and then put it on like a necklace.  Its pretty cool, and the “fish tail” is made of palm leaves.  Once I locate my camera I will take a picture that show’s the fish, probably a little premature to talk about this one, but I was pretty stoked to make some personal-meaningful art for our walls. 

One more aspect of this room that I still plan on is covering the built-in storage with reclaimed 2×6 from my father-in-law combined with some fir or pine to give the box a finished look.  I’m a little worried that I’m putting something in that I wont be able to take (if&when) we move.  However I am thinking that this move probably won’t happed for a few years, and in the meantime we’ve got to improve the house of it won’t sell as easily as it might. 


Home improving makes me want to have people over.

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