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I’m Not Normally Type-A


Really, I don’t obsess over cleaning, or schedules, or anything much of anything, except this holiday season I am apparently quite type-A about presents and wrapping.  I’ve told you about my family, and the financial need for proper planning.  Well, this year I am much more on-top-of-it than normal.  I’ve got 85% of my shopping done, and over 60% is wrapped.  That’s both birthday and Christmas gifts, and its only 2 days after thanksgiving.

IMG_1306This really frees up some time to plan my annual cookie party, plan out the minute-to-win-it games were going to play on Christmas-eve-eve with my dad and Christmas-eve with my mom.  I’ have a few NICE gifts that don’t have specific people to give them too so they will be the incentive to really try at the games. 

Today’s plan, (since its only Saturday and this four day weekend thing is AMAZING, I went to bed last night saying how excited I was that today is only Saturday!!)….

  1. Christmas Lights on the house and Fir Trees
  2. Photocopies for ornament gifts
  3. Shopping at Fred Meyer for oat bran and other items…(maybe more lights)
  4. Sand and stain wood from new shelves in front room (maybe tomorrow tho)
  5. Vacuum house
  6. Finish wrapping purchased gifts
  7. Clean out guest bedroom (Ron’s parents are coming up next weekend for a wonderful weekend of Christmas Fun and Joy)
  8. I’d also like to mow the back yard, and prune up the rhododendron and Oregon grape back there….  if there’s time.

Not too much, but its most likely a Saturday/Sunday ToDo list.  But yay, plenty of time to get it done!  Its probably time to get going on item number 1, Christmas lights.  My brilliant idea is to put the lights on the back of the house, since we have a lot of windows back there, we spend time with Rogan out back at nighttime (when we let him out, so he doesn’t jump the fence and we have to go looking for him through the entire neighborhood), and it’ll give the backyard neighbors a show. 


Update: The lights are on the whole house.  There are none on the fir trees, so this year will be different than the two other Christmas’ that we’ve been in this home. 

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