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Curtain tying and blog revelations…

When I arrived home from work the front room was dark.  As I started to tie the curtains open, the first one I tied super coolly, so I thought about blogging it.  I’m having a lot of fun blogging, and am excited that my sisters blogging again, but blogging feels like pretending to famous, to write in a style like someone’s going to read this.  I took a lot of pictures of the curtains, and wonder what other ways of tying curtains there are out there.  I am enjoying this, pretending to be famous and writing to my sisters, and the universe. 

Here’s the curtains.


Group shot


           Most inspirational     Most Classic    Most like a scarf


IMG_1329Today I chose the one on the far right.  It was most inspirational after all, and it lets in a lot of outdoors.  Although as I write this its already getting dark out, so they’ll close soon enough.  Here’s what it looks like times 3 when it was still daylight outside.


Do you have any curtain tying tricks? The last point I want to make is that if I can get those I care about to blog on a regular basis, it’s a way of of communicating that which is important to you,  to those who are important to you.  Ta-Ta, I’m off to walk with Rogan around the park and other neighborhoods as the sun leaves for another day.  IMG_1333

Update: poured rain & ice on the walk, but found a house decorated with eleven!! inflatable decorations.  There are globes, a ferris wheel, music playing and santa on a hog. 

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  1. November 30, 2011 at 9:31 am

    I like your insight into blogging. Everyone wants to be famous..right? And I think, even if we’re the only ones that ever read them, thank the Lord for given us sisters. I love that we can keep up on the everyday stuff. Sorry about your walk. Gotta love livin’ in the pacific northwest. LYMI

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