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Christmas 2011 To-Do List Update


Here’s the Christmas to-do list that I made around Thanksgiving, and a large number of the items are already complete (phew, since Christmas is in one week).  Obviously Jesus is at the top of the tree, since his birth and perfect life are the reason for the season, and it’s a reminder that God needs to be the priority.  However, its also a time for a lot of fun activities.

We haven’t had the chance to snowshoe yet, as there isn’t much snow in the mountains.  We have been to church, we went to Mars Hill’s new Bellevue location. 

On Thursday I hosted my 3rd annual cookie exchange with six wonderful friends and my god-son (who’s adorable, walking at 11 months, and did amazingly in the new situation).  Here’s some of the cookies, as well as the group shot from this year. 










IMG_1598 IMG_1611









As I write this we are driving down to Eugene to see the Nutcracker with Ron’s Family (well, I am seeing it with Julia, Bethany, Jamie, and Bethany’s’ mother-in-law Yvonne), see…


Leavenworth and the Garden d’Lights was tackled on the first weekend of December when Ron’s parents came up for the weekend (read about that here).  

See a Church Program was  accomplished yesterday as well, when our 11 year old niece Hannah sang with her choir group at the United Methodist church.  It was a lovely program, and very nice to support Hannah doing something she loves. 




IMG_1674IMG_1672              IMG_1669




















This year we didn’t go overboard on Black Friday, since we actually Christmas shopped throughout the year, but we did pick up some deals for ourselves.  I don’t like the fact that stores are opening on Thanksgiving, it really REALLY messed up our sleep-time.  We decided to stay up the hour before midnight and go to the Eddie Bauer outlet in Woodinville to see what they had.  For a few years now I’ve been buying a down pillow from EB, but they didn’t have them this year.  I guess they are just too good of a deal anymore (the price of duck feathers is skyrocketing in China).  I did get a number of pairs of pants (in a smaller size!! yippee) and a few shirts.  Target was CRAZY with a capital CRAZY.  The line to purchase was a hour long, and since we didn’t really need anything, we didn’t stand in that line for long.  We went home and slept for 4 hours, got up and went to Fred Meyer at 5am for Socks!!  Again, not overboard, but I did get some.  We got a number of gifts, and then went home to sleep again, and slept till noon.  Then we put up Christmas lights and took it easy for the rest of the weekend.  Four days off is perfect, I wish every week had that kind of weekend. 

As for the other items on our list, Ron and I are hosting the “December Birthday Party” for our family members (Ron, Dad, Zach, Matt Jr, Dan, Caleb, Matt Sr.and now Marie too) and were going up to Whistler with our good friends Garrett and Kirsten for New Years eve and some amazing snowboarding.  I think that this list can be completed by the end of the year. 

Merry Christmas, we’ve reached Portland and are currently passing Terwilliger curves.  I pray Jesus watches over us and we make it through them…

God Bless

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