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Canning Harry & David Pears

For the second year in a row we’ve been able to score a 42 pound box of pears while down in Grants Pass for Christmas for a great price.  These pears are the bomb, so sweet and flavorful and juicy.  They’re great for eating (when ripe) and for canning.  Last year I had a box but only canned one set, and we ate or gave away the remaining.  This year I wanted to can the whole box, except for one problem, I didn’t have any wide mouth jars.


I planned to buy them at value village for 25c each, but they didn’t have ANY.  I was shocked, and ended up buying 24 from Fred Meyer.  No bother, I now have a ton of jars, I just have to eat the pears before I can use them.


When I got home I setup stations, trying to maximize efficiency.  The pairing pear station, cutting, coring, and jarring station, the syrup and air bubble station and the boiling station.  I started around 12:15, and my first set was in the water bath at 1, with three continuous sets to finish and be cleaned up by 3:20.  I have 20 jars of pears, and I’m going to have to give some away.  I was thinking I should give a jar to each of the ladies who came to my cookie exchange, since my equipment malfunction hindered my ability to make a good cookie (and since everyone brought amazing cookies this year). 




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