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Creative Resolution

I believe in new years resolutions.  I make them every year, and I think celebrating the birth of the savior and marking the passing of time in the winter is healthy and exciting and positive.  I read the TLC blog, and Layla’s post was on picking a word to drive you throughout the year. 

I choose creative.  I have some creative resolutions, projects to work on and complete. 

1. Crochet.  I don’t even know how to spell it, its currently underlined red (but ill spell check prior to posting:)  I got a crochet kit from Grandma Julia and Kirsten taught me the basics on a trip up to Whistler for the new year.  I’ve been working on a circular scarf, in white, and just bought more yarn for a regular scarf, but long.  I also need to crochet some “strings” to tie mittens together, and I want to make a holder for my mouse, with a long single string to store around my laptop. 

2. Sand, stain, and seal the wood platter like on pinterest.

3. Remodel the kitchen and decorate the vaulted room (unsure of a purpose for the space).

4. Get creative with organizing spaces. 

I’m sure I could go on and on, but that’s a wonderful start and one I need to get going on.  I also remembered another project.

5. Spray paint stocking hangers ORB.

6. Blog more, share more, be happy, wear a smile all the time. Walk the dog, laugh, make connections, throw a party, Tone, dance more. Half Marathon with Jenny, clear the damn wake (seriously, don’t be a chicken), get massages. Continue to research surrogacy and egg donation.  Visit our friends. Be creative.  Creative with money, household, life.

That’s my first rave of 2012.  I plan on having more.

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