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Dukan Diet after the Holidays

I’ve realized that low carb works for me.  As hard as it is to limit my carbs (to basically 0) it just drops the pounds from my body.  I saw a old post about the Dukan Diet after 6 weeks, written after Thanksgiving, and thought a post Christmas update would be appropriate.  I don’t think anybody likes it when people talk about their own weight issues, but once in a while its okay, epically if they’re bragging, right.

Its been 12 weeks since returning from Hawaii with a lot of baggage.  Not the checked kind but the kind that gives me a giggly tube around the stomach kind.  I weighed in (after fully indulging on vacation) at 211 pounds. 

dukan How ironic.  The picture I found to highlight my old figure (worst picture I could find 🙂 also shows me reading the Dukan Diet book.  Change was in the works! 

As previously posted (here) I made it through Thanksgiving okay, and was back on track heading into December.  Basically I am good during the week, and have to cheat on the weekends when we go out to dinner with friends, drink wine and have desserts (mmm). 


In Leavenworth we had reservations for a nice restaurant, and went there for late appetizers (I had the cheese and salami platter) and desserts. Mmm they were so good.  Tiramisu, custard, a chocolate ice cream pie, and new york cheesecake.  In the middle is la crème, so rich and delicious it was such a pallet cleanser.  Anyways, all this to illustrate that the diet was not the focal point of the holidays on the weekends.  IMG_1607

Throw in Ron’s birthday weekend with the newlywed Mikles, the cookie exchange (and my sisters totally came through making their amazing sweets).  On the left are Shannon’s rendition of Gra’ma Bennies Molasses.  So flavorful and chewy.  Lyndsay also made a special batch (for me and Shannon only) of her world famous (in my opinion) frosted sugar cookies.  I learned that if you put cookies in the freezer, you don’t even have to thaw them before you eat them, they’re perfect straight out of the cold.  (I have ONE more sugar cookie left).  IMG_1865

Then Christmas week was here and time was FLYING by.  We had a beach bonfire, birthday party, Christmas eve party, Christmas day hoobilation, a week off together, and new years in whistler (drinking, snowboarding, and eating) and I didn’t really care.  I was on a bit of a binge.  Bread was amazing.  So when I got on the scale on January 3rd I was nervous, expecting a 5 to 7 pound weight gain and terrified that it would actually show closer to 200.  I had dropped down to 188 at my lowest, but thankfully I topped out after weeks of indulgence at 193.  Three days of strict eating and I’m back to my lowest point.  Only a few more pounds till my goal weight.  I’m so thankful something is working, and that something is my mind.  I feel like I’ve changed my mindset on eating, breakfast, grocery shopping, what it is to be hungry and full, cooking, and indulging.  I should probably avoid the candy bowl at work like someone with SARS just coughed infected lung tissue all over it forever, since feeling good about my appearance is better than tasting a sweet creamy chocolate caramel milky way bar.  Well maybe not forever.

And sorry about the SARS visual, we watched a lecture on the spread of SARS on the UW Channel, quite interesting and disgusting too.  Ta-Ta.

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