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Living Room Update

So the first room I want us to tackle in 2012 is the living room.  We spend a lot of time down here (2 steps down from the kitchen) and have only recently found a setup that appears to work for us.  Ron discovered it.  I love it.  It also brings focus back to the built-in’s we started building when we moved in 2 years and 8 months ago. 


Using aged lumber (2x6s) to create the top of the entertainment center, I will build a box platform to hide the electronics (xbox, cable box, receiver, center speaker) and raise the height of the telly to 3 feet where we like it.  I will then make door’s out of plywood for 6 of the 7 openings, and fasten false drawer fronts to those (hobby wood). 

There’s a long list of tasks to get this project moving (things to accomplish before we go to HD one time for the required items to finish the project. (that’s my plan at least)

80 grit sand 3 toppers, all sides, then 120 and 220

Remove front “doors” & fabric. Secure wood.  Insulate area. Do any hardwiring necessary. Increase cord hole(drop down) size.  Secure power strip underneath.  

Actually, I wonder about the insulation.  Will sealing it up, painting it and putting doors on keep the cold out of the house?  The thermometer reads 70 in the house, and 54 behind the fabric.  It would be great to have cold storage that wasn’t the garage.  I was thinking I could store my canned pears, jams, etc as well as soda and beverages.  That area is going to be SO MUCH STORAGE.  I cant wait to utilize it more. 

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