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Work is progressing on the living room.  We’ve gotten it all built and painted.  We made the move of the television and all the other electronics to the south end of the living room from the north.  I’m so thankful Ron is a technology fiend, because he tackled the installation with gusto and zip-ties.  There’s so many cords and wires and you can’t see any of them.  IMG_2375

We worked well past midnight on the project, and fastened the doors Ron built to the face of the built-in.


Then we put it all in place.  It’s so clean and bright and different than anything we’ve had and so close to exactly what I envisioned when we first moved in.  The only thing missing is the full height bookshelves, but I’m not sure if I want that anymore.  IMG_2384

Here’s a few before shot’s I found, so you can marvel at the difference.  Hopefully I can get a few shots in daylight tomorrow. 





There’s still things to do, and one resolution for this year is to complete this room, finish it and be done with it for years!! 

  • Trim out the box front
  • Mount the surround speakers to the walls and run the wires (hidden)
  • Paint the floor trim and doors
  • Repair the stairs
  • Figure out artwork on the walls
  • Raise curtain rod to ceiling and hem curtains


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