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Father time has kicked my ass

I am 31 and a half, and I’m feeling like it. I’ve played sports for twenty years, I played college basketball at a very high level, and I’ve continued to play basketball almost every week in the 9 years since college, but I am currently beat up.  Here’s a list of my injuries. 

My right shoulder is killing me.  Taking off shirts, sports bras, and jackets hurts. There’s sharp pains, dull-deep pain, and weakness. I’ve got knots under my shoulder blade that make my arm go numb when Ron works on them.

My right foot always hurts.  It makes me limp when I get up after sitting for a while.  I feel it most when I play basketball, the bones moving-ligaments stretching, and pain.  I bought some new shoes, and played basketball in them, it may have helped, but I’m worried since the MRI I had 5 months ago didn’t show any substantial issue.

My right knee sometimes hurts, sometimes fully extends making me semi-nervous.

My neck is always popping, usually hurting and wishing for a gentle relaxing massage. 

When did I get olde enough to feel this way?  I’m sure the slough off of working out since getting married has plenty to do with it, so I’ve gone for a run this week, and played basketball as scheduled.  Thankfully I’ve gotten my weight down, and my stomach fat is looking fairly flat, and I went for a run on Tuesday.  I went to a chiropractor, plan on getting some massages, and plan to work out enough to get back into shape (and run a half marathon, or a marathon). 

It’s time to start fighting back, so watch your back Father Time, im gonna take off the kid gloves and smack-a-bitch.

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