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North Idaho Weekend Bathroom Update

Over presidents day weekend Ron and I headed over to Coeur d’Alene Idaho where our good friends have recently purchased a home to help them with some home improvements.  The drive out was terrible.  Ron got off work early Friday afternoon and we were on the road by 4:15.  It wasn’t soon enough.  President Obama was on the eastside Friday, and that destroyed traffic, plus the weather turned from occasional drizzle to beat-down-downpour.  It was snowing over the pass, with snow and slush on the road, and at one point I dozed off and woke to thick-as-soup fog.  The drive took us well over 6 hours, but it was well worth it.

Andy and Erika, who were married this past summer, bought a large home that needed some updating.  So far, in the three weeks they have owned it they had the second floor carpeted and painted, and the first floor painted (except for the kitchen).  We had seen pictures of how terribly decorated it was, with ugly paint, NASTY carpet, and dust and smoke damage throughout, but none of that was evident.  The carpet and paint were the ones holding that NASTY in, and it didn’t smell one bit.  Good work guys! 

The projects they wanted to work on this weekend were the bathrooms.  In the master bathroom, Andy had begun removing the tile floor, but there was still demo to be done.  The shower surround needed removal, and there was other work up there, but that wasn’t on my list of things to do.  Throughout the day we heard lots of banging, whooping, and sweaty boys coming in and out of the house.  My project with Erika was the half bath on the main floor.  Here’s the before picture.


Here’s the list of things to do in here. 

PAINT- the electric blue is slightly better than the electric yellow of the guest bathroom, but only by a few degrees, and it has to go immediately.  Erika picked a lovely taupe color, and thankfully the paint included primer, so it only took one coat to drastically change the feeling in this bathroom.

REMOVE THE GOLD-  The light fixture, faucet, towel bars and electric covers were all a lovely 90’s gold, and needed changing.  They went with chrome.

REFINISH THE VANITY- They debated going either white with wainscoting throughout the bathroom or a dark stain, and in the end Erika decided dark was more up her alley.  She also bought a new mirror to match the vanity.  I’m not one for sanding (although I totally would have with gusto), and was very pleased when they purchased the Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformation system in Tudor. 


We watched the DVD that came with the kit which explained the simple process required for the “cabinet transformation”. 

Step 1- Degloss.  This step cleaned the cabinets, and drew our attention to some sparkly glue that needed removal.  It also cleaned off all the gross bathroom grime the previous homeowners never worried about.  You need to let it dry so we went to lunch (mmm…so good, thanks again!) 

Step 2- Tinted Base.  Then you get to painting.  We started with the back of the cabinet doors as recommended, so we can get used to the paint before working on the visible front sides.  We painted two coats on the backs, then flipped them over to start on the front.  It took six hours to get to this point because you have to let each paint coat dry for 2-3 hours.  Here’s a picture of what the front of the door looks like after one coat.   IMG_2711     We realized that the first coat was no indication of future smoothness, so it didn’t have to be pretty.  Get the paint on even and don’t let it pool or drip.  Here’s the same door after the second coat has dried.

IMG_2717  Here’s the cabinet.  We put three coats of paint on it.  It looks real good in the newly painted room.


Step 3- Glaze.  Erika decided that this optional step was unnecessary in her bathroom, so we didn’t attempt it. 

Step 4- Protective Coat.  The last step requires quick painting of all the surfaces and needs to dry for 8 hours before the doors can be reattached.  Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to hit the road for the drive home, so this step Erika planned to do after we had left.

This photo shows the new light fixture, mirror, and faucet.  On the counter is a new light fan Andy installed Monday morning.  What a difference some paint can make.IMG_2687

So while we accomplished a great deal of the to-do list, the bathroom was unfinished when we left Sad smile.  Erika promises to send completed photos, so I will post them when I get them.  Still to do in the bathroom, attach the doors to the vanity (also mount the pulls they purchased to the doors), and put up the towel bars, toilet paper holder, and glass shelf and clean up the remaining debris. 

We had a great weekend with our friends, relaxing in their hot tub every evening, eating great breakfasts made by Andy, and great food around town, and went out to a great steak dinner at the Wolf Lodge.  Ron and I enjoyed the best steaks we’ve had in years and vow to go back more often.




More photo’s from the weekend…


More next time…

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