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A visit to Pike Place Market

Bethany and Brendon were visiting this weekend and one of Bethany’s favorite things to do in Seattle is visit the Market.  The first shop we checked out was one Ron had visited with work a few months ago.  Vital Tea Leaf.


It was so cool because they sat you down, and gave you samples of so many different teas.  Bitter teas, sweater teas, flowers (rose, osmanthus, chrysanthemums) and adding stevia leaves to sweeten the pot. 

In the end, Ron and I purchased a new tea steeper, some ginger tea and some bitter twist tea.  We also bought chrysanthemums and stevia.  Tonight we bought some loose leaf tea from Fred Meyer too (Irish breakfast and black chai). 

The shop next door to the tea shop was a hat shop (similar to the crazy hat shop in Leavenworth we spent some time in around Christmas).  I snapped a shot of each of us in interesting hats…

IMG_2740  IMG_2742


We spent a couple hours wandering around the Market, sampling goat cheese, honey, nuts, buying oil and almonds, running into one of Ron’s acquaintances, and enjoying the company of family.  Here are a few more pictures…




For lunch we went to Redmill burgers on Phinney Ridge.  We had seen them featured on Man vs. Food that morning and we took that as a sign.  The onion rings were the best part of the meal. 

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