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My how time flies…

Its been 15 days (half a month) since I posted something to the interweb about our house or life, and a lot has been going on.  I blame the beta of windows 8 that’s on my computer, it doesn’t support writer and makes it difficult to write blog posts (also, I guess I am kind of lazy…:).

Anyways, we have a new gas range in our kitchen and we LOVE it!  Capital LOVE!  Ron’s has had a wok for the 5+ years I’ve known him but we’ve never used it, and thankfully he’s held onto that puppy because woking (I don’t think that’s a word) is such a awesome way to cook, epically vegetables.  They are cooked, crunchy, hot and full of flavor.  And it takes about 5 minutes.  I also used the delayed bake/shutoff feature to cook some pork tenderloins in the oven while we were at the gym so they would be done when we got home.  Talk about a time saver.  Wok up some broccoli and there’s dinner.

We spent a fun weekend with our friends Eric and Paige and their two adorable children camping over Easter weekend.  Yes, camping.  Over Easter weekend.  You have to see their incredible tent!  Friday night was SO so SO so cold, but we were warm and toasty in the tent thanks to the wood burning stove Eric kept well stoked all night.  When I finally got up to go out and pee-pee rocks (their 2 year old’s saying) the layer of frost was thick, and I was more than happy to get back inside, in the double sleeping bag with my human heater.  We met them at Dog Mountain to go hang-gliding, but the winds were coming out of the one direction that grounded even the most experienced pilots, so we didn’t get the chance to “fly like superman”.  Another time.

This last weekend, the weather in Seattle was amazingly perfect (sunny-60 degrees- perfect) for some outdoor work, and our backyard has needed it.  A few years ago our side neighbor, Iranian Bob, took down the fence between our properties, and it took him at least 6 months to put one back up.  Well, he asked us to cut down some photenia trees that were in the way of the fence, and we’d only lived here for a few months at that point and we wanted to be friendly, so we did.  And the stumps of those photenia’s were sticking above the ground about 2 feet for the past 2 years.  After a few hours work, we stump cut those stumps to the ground, and you can no longer see them.  It looks amazing so not see them on the far side of the yard.  We also dug up all the roots from the two trees we had taken down a month ago, so we can stump grind that 36” stump. 

Were looking to get the backyard to completion in the next few weeks, because we want to till the yard, level it and re-seed the entire lawn (front and back actually), build a new fence on the back of our property, and add some thuja’s to provide some visual blockage between us and a few neighbors.

Here’s a update of my recent craigslisting.  Ron and I decided that the round wrought iron table that was left on our deck when we bought the house was the wrong size, so we sold it on craigslist and bought a smaller square one at Costco with the money we sold it for.  I also sold the electric range for $150, and that money is waiting to be put towards a Island Hood (those suckers are expensive).  I haven’t bought anything from craigslist yet, but I keep looking for landscape rocks, etc. 

On my list of things to do today, dig up and transplant the iris’s that are in the way, weed the remaining border of the yard, rake out the area between the rhododendrons and Oregon grape, and plant my ittie bittie flowers from molbaks.  And organize the garage, it gets so out of hand.  Oh, and go grocery shopping, wash, fold and put away laundry, maybe watch the help (I just finished the book)…there’s more…we’ll just have to see what I get too…

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