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Once again its been a long time since my last verbose post.

While I have started mloging (blogging from my phone while on the go) a little bit, I have realized that May is here TOMORROW, and I haven’t really updated my blog with all the recent activity at our home.  So here goes, some verbose verbatim.(I’ll try to stick some photos in too)

This past weekend was a blur.  My work schedule doesn’t allow for much time off together, but Saturday afternoon we played in a 3-on-3 outdoor tournament with some friends and ended up winning.  Here’s our team’s victory photo.


Sunday we went on a adventure meal.  We ended up at a Dim Sum Chinese place.  It was my first time, and I knew I was in for a adventure when the only people in the place were actually Asian (with two or three other white people scattered around). 


Luckily, Ron has been before and knew what to order and how things went down.  They walk around and offer you dishes, so it was quick.  I ended up having BBQ pork rolls, pot stickers, hot pot and a few other dishes that I’m not familiar with.


It was a lot of fun. The menu was English on one side, mandarin or Cantonese on the other.  Then we met up with my parents and had Yogurtland.  MMMM…and it turned into them buying new smartphones, and us teaching them how to use them.  Hopefully we were good teachers and they use them as designed.

The pervious weekend was one of Yard Work!  We rented a stump grinder, borrowed a chainsaw, and went to town on the numerous stumps.  There was the big one from the trees we had removed back in March (it was 40+ inches across), roughly 6 photenia stumps, a holly out front, and the stump by the front door from when we had that tree removed last June.  Ron did almost all the grinding, while I made the rest of the yards pretty.

Tomorrow my big sister is coming to pick me up in the morning and were going to the Seattle Arboretum, then to University Village for a little shopping.  It will be a fun day, and hopefully I will take some outdoor photos of the house and surrounding areas, to document all the work that we’ve accomplished.

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