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gold panning : chuck : marshmallows : caves : rope swings : ring of fire : cotton candy : golf

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 started off quite early this year, at 4:25am with the alarm buzzing and the expectation to leave by 5 and meet the Burley’s in Lakewood at 5:30.  We left about 15 minutes late, and were about 10 minutes behind them the entire way to Wilsonville, Oregon, where we had a pit stop for some food.  We had a few more stops along the way (Cabalas, Seven Feathers) and arrived around 1pm.  All-in-all it wasn’t a bad drive.

Friday:  Upon arrival we settled into the rental house at the park, ate some food, and went to Taprock for desserts and a firework display.  It was here the hardcore parcour began.  Here are the guys waiting for a table on the patio & Lexi beginning to understand parcour.



Saturday: The guys went gold panning while the ladies went to spend the monies our men were supposed to find.  It was quite a successful trip for us ladies, not so much for the guys, but it was a fun experience none-the-less and they did find “color”.IMG_2999

We joined them with lunch, and found our own “color” too.IMG_3001

Then it was BBQ time at the Richardson Ranch, so we headed over there for some great food, games, and a surprise entertainment.  Chuck, a friend of Jim’s, was on hand to sing and play his guitar.  He sounded great, poked fun at a lot of us, and praised Jesus.  It was great.



Sunday: We went to the Oregon Caves at the urging of Ron.  A little lateness on our part, compounded by a little lateness on their part, plus a need for some sustenance equaled getting to the caves a couple hours later than expected and running into a hour and a half wait for our tour to begin. Boy the road to the caves was long and windy, but well worth it.  Our guide, Joe, was outstanding and had the answer to any question posed, plus plenty of fun facts to shock repeat visitors.  It was really cool.

oregon caves


We really are having fun!


Then we went to burn a little energy running and climbing on the redwoods.


After a little nap…


And a little more gold panning…



Even Rogan climbed some trees!







We had a bbq lunch out of the tailgate of the beast (our truck), played in the creek, and then took off looking for the most knarly trunk of a tree there was, and we found it.  We ran off-trail, found a rope swing, Matty lost his hat but Jeramiah was quick enough to track it down river, Lexi was a good little lost actress, we Hardcore Parcour’d it everywhere we went, and ended up at the coast for some clam chowder (or vegetable soup in my case).  By the time we made it back to Grants Pass we were all exhausted.  Another fun adventure filled day.

Monday:  We had promised the girls a little carnival time, and I needed to get me some cotton candy (I bought 3 bags), so we waited for the Richardson’s and headed over to get some rides in before the hydro races began.  We hit up the : swings : Ferris wheel : ring of fire : tornado : and possibly others.  We played games (Jamie won a giant white tiger at the basketball shot) and the shoot water into a clowns mouth game.  We also ate plenty of carny food : caramel apples (which Lyndsay dropped after one bite, but kept on eating, atta girl!) :  Cotton Candy  : Sno Cones and hurried back to the house before the races started.  We even saw the F-15 flyover.  I love the powerful sound those make, but am glad they aren’t dropping bombs on us! 









Then watched the races from the pedestrian bridge, while Ron BBQ’d some tri-tips, and we all were happy and satisfied.  Uncle Mike is piloting #74 below.


Matt and Lyndsay and their gaggle left just before 3, drove straight home with no traffic and were in their driveway before 10pm.  Happy Birthday Lyndsay.  We hope it was a memorable one (slight pun).  After we vacated the rental house Jim / Julia / Jeramiah / Jamie / Ron / and I went golfing.  It was the first time Ron and I had golfed together, probably the second time ever for the both of us, and it was fun, hilarious, and exciting.  However the 9 holes took us 3.5 hours to complete.  It was a blast.  Ron is a hilarious golfer, he had us all laughing so hard we had to run for the honey bucket…





Quick story: On the 9th hole, I hit a perfect drive off the tee (using my strong right hooking tendencies) and put the drive somewhere close to the hole, but by the time we got up there nobody could find my perfect ball.  I even checked the cup, but it vanished.  I believe the cup swallowed it.  Just saying.

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