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Dukan Diet, Round 2

Well, I’m back on the Dukan Diet.  I was on pure protein for the five days leading up to Memorial Day Vacay (knowing I cannot resist myself at Julia’s candy house of temptations) and I didn’t hold back.  From Friday to Wednesday, I indulged in candy, bread, cotton candy, and more bread.  It was quite delicious.  And now I’m back on pure protein.  I know this isn’t how the Dukan Diet was setup, but after a few days on protein again (and some light indulgence at Shannon’ 40th Birthday Celebration on Saturday) I plan to get back to switching between protein and protein +vegetables until my birthday in 5 weeks, when I’ll turn 32. 

I also need to exercise, in addition to limiting what I eat.  Hopefully I can lose 7 pounds before my birthday.  That would be fabulous!  Oh, and we threw away the terrible scale that never gave a consistent weight reading (it totally depended on which way you stepped on and numerous other factors) and have brought the Nintendo Wii back to life and am keeping track of weight loss on the Wii Fit scale.  IDK if it’s the correct number, but at least it will be consistent (and I prefer the number it gives me, 4 pounds lighter than the scale that’s out in the rubbish bin).

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