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after work saturday.produce.the plan.july 1to7. a-listamania.

Its my birthday week!  Holla. 

The benefit of having a national holiday two days before your birthday equals a awesome time of year, especially if the day I was born happens to be a Friday!  And the way my work schedule works out I have another 4-day work week next week, with a  day off in the middle. 

Today has been productive. 

I tracked down the impeller we need to replace. signed my parents up as Lyoness Business Partners. Worked a full, productive shift cleaning up the Waverly Beach sign bed (which was nasty with aphids). Re-arranged living room furniture.

Blog Ideas. aka, the plan.

Write a post every day for a week.  Topics: books ive read/reading : flashback, journal with photos since I’ve always taken pictures like a blogger : take a picture and explain what’s going on

Play with blog design : name change : House tour : Wedding

Things im going to miss about working at the city. 

Easy time off, being awake and active early. the parks. My work friends. I think I want to work there part time, I need to talk with jason.  The eagles, feeling the weather (but not too much, it’ll be weird not to be soaked in the winter). Heritage Park.  I love that park. I should take a picture of heritage every morning for the remainder of my time at the city

Action Items : check back July 9th for the update on these

make xbox platform : buy curtain hooks (3) for vault room :  isfriend some facebook “friends” (but aren’t really) : price out backsplash from costco for whole pony wall :  

Just now the sun broke through both the clouds and trees to shine bright in my eyes, filling my soul with wonder at the beautiful world God made, and I live in. 

future items: aka, things ive noticed and should do.

widen the flower beds along the fence line : measure and price out rock wall on bobs fenceline : measure hallway and price harmonics : shop nautical shop for hooks & pully  : play with kitchen design (include hanging nauitacal shelving unit + bar)(additional sink on pony wall) : shop rosen garage sale for kitchen sink  (ss under-sized under-mount) and two faucets : Wire light into dining room :

What is going on in your life right now?  My husband is coming home for dinner before going out for the real drinking adventures.  Id better go shower before he pulls into the driveway.  =)

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