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audio books : series : current reads

I’ve been on a literary binge recently, and am always looking for new books to read or listen too. I’m not much of a “reviewer” or any kind of authority, but I do read a lot (lots of free time).


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Last week I listened to the first two books by Tamora Pierce, Wild Magic and Wolf Speaker.  Both books were written back in the early to mid 90’s, and are the first two books in a four book series. Its about a girl (Dane) who “has a knack with animals”, has a little magic, and is eventually defending the kingdom against various foes and creatures.  They are fantastical-magical young adult fiction and I really enjoyed them. I’m going to wait for the third & fourth books till Ron is caught up. 

I’ve also recently listened to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  It’s a interesting look at successful people across various fields and how a little luck paired with 10,000 hours of preparation equaled success. It was full of interesting stories and very inspirational.

The past two days I’ve listened to Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson (and read by Jim Dale, who read the Harry Potter series).  It’s the story of how Peter Pan came to the island, how he can fly, and why he doesn’t grow up.  Loved it!

The audio books I listen to are mostly recommended by Ron, and are generally checked out from the King County Library and put on my old iPhone to listen to while I’m at work. I usually listen to them in double time, so a book only takes two or three days. Ron and I also listen to audiobooks on long road trips to stay awake and pass the time.


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I’ve been physically reading a lot of trilogy’s lately, starting with the Hunger Games, Catching Fire, & Mocking Jay by Susan Collins. I flew through the first two books, but the third took me a bit longer and I thought it was a bit boring at times, but loved the entire series.  Listening to Tamora Pierces’ novels I saw many of the same characteristics in the two lead girls (Katniss & Dane).  It makes me wonder if its possible to come up with a completely original idea anymore, or if consciously or subconsciously we easily combine previous experiences into what we think is a original thought.  Is it? We saw the first movie, and wish it was rated R for the more graphic aspects of the book but realize it’s a young adult book so it’d be wrong to exclude those readers from seeing the movie.  (read it on my kindle®, purchased Dec. 24, Jan. 10 & Jan. 15)

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When I finished that series my friend Jenny told me she was reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.  Jenny warned me, there’s a lot of sexuality and S&M in the book, but she highly recommend that I read it.  I bought it that afternoon and was engrossed in the stories of Anastasia and Christian.  It was interesting (to put it mildly) to read about the various methods Christian used, but I related to Anastasia and the second and third books (Fifty Shades Darker & Fifty Shades Freed) flew by and were much less sexually deviant.  There are so many small aspects of the series that are engrained into my thoughts.  It’s like, once you read these books, you don’t forget them.  I think living in Seattle, growing up in Bellevue, and knowing all of the places that were written about made it that much more powerful.  If only they had honeymooned in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  (read it on my Kindle®, purchased April 21, 25, & 29)

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Upon completion of that series, I was in a reading mood, and scanned my bookshelves for the next read, which happened to be The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson.  I had the first two book of the trilogy, so I figured it was time to get started.  The first book took a while to get through, not because I wasn’t hooked, I just felt some of the descriptions of locations in Stockholm and Sweden were unnecessary (unless of course you know Stockholm and Sweden very well).  I kept reminding myself that this book was translated from Swedish, and some of the syntax was obviously foreign to me, but it was interesting to attempt to understand their customs and formalities. Once the book got going (about half way through the first book) it was a stay-up-late-read-in-my-car-before-work-read-on-the-freeway-onramp-while-waiting-for-the-meter-kind-of-cant-put-it-down-series.  I was so engrossed in the second book, Ron picked up the third for me so I wouldn’t have any downtime between books.  What a sweetheart!  It’s to bad the author died not long after turning in the manuscripts.  (read in paperback)

Currently Absorbing

Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.  I’ve only read the introduction, but hoping its as interesting as Outliers.  This book covers the aspects of what turns something from ordinary into extraordinary, showing how the tipping point came about.  I’m hoping this will help me with my Lyoness business since the tipping point for that business is still on the horizon. (bought through Lyoness and Barnes and Nobel website)

I don’t have a novel in hand yet, I’m contemplating picking up one of the books I’ve previously started but didn’t finish (The Lost Diary of Don Juan by Douglas Carlton Abrams or A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follett).  I love the historical fiction writing of Ken Follett, but this book is large and I was only a chapter or two into it.  I was at least half way through Don Juan, but would probably need to start over.  I’ll probably read both of them, since I got them off the bookshelf. 


oh, I’ve imbedded a link to amazon for each of the books I’ve enjoyed. just click on the book.

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