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flashback : 2006 : August 22nd : forever

(Highly summarized introduction of myself)

This post is a flashback to the summer of 2006, kind of a blog post on paper (dear diary-ish, boy that’s a terrible word).  I’ve copied it almost exactly as it was written.  I was 26 years old, recapping the summer before I went to London, Amsterdam, and Croatia by myself.  After a few hours sleeping I met my husband, after a MySpace introduction and sassy emailing, at Starbucks in Issaquah, the day I left for London.  The pictures are from that weekend.  I’ve been a blogger-at-heart for a lot longer than I have blogged about it, except for my trip to Europe.  Here’s the link to that trip’s blog.

Well, the Dave (Matthews Band) weekend just passed, and it was a great one.  Jen, Troy, and I went over Friday after buying tickets @ Fred Meyer.  We got lunch at quiznos and hit the road.  The plan was to leave @ 10:30 but we didn’t hit the freeway till 12:3-.  It worked out perfect to get to the gorge by 3 and get ready for entry.  We stashed stuff in my bra and got past security and Jen & I ran down.  I had a open backpack (literally every pocket open but I ran and surprised her.  She picked great spots far enough down  but up on a tier, fairly level.  We had a great time, the concert really rocked, I danced all night. 

DMB 2006-072DMB 2006-082

The prospect of another night loomed as we left, in a bad human traffic jam, stop and go.  We made it to the cars after a bathroom (porta-potty) break. Gross and found a really quick way out of the parking lot and made it to troys brothers/parents and set up camp quick and then off to bed. 

DMB 2006-104DMB,sleep over, pary-028DMB,sleep over, pary-030

Saturday morning we woke up and went swimming after breakfast.  A shower later we were heading back to the parking lot to buy tickets.  I was worried because its sold out and we don’t have any luck @ first so we get early entry tickets (by having a beer in the beer garden) so we would be better off than last night running wise. 

We end up having issues with the scalpers.  We find a guy with one in will call.  While I waited for him, Jen and troy kept looking for 2.  A few rows down they bought two for face.  Then the guy came back & we were in.  We had prime parking right by the main gate and when the early entry gate opened we got in line and got the same spots (like 10 feet up).  It was much hotter, so we spent most of the time in shade or the misting station.  Troy’s a mist blocker.  We thought of a cool idea for a stripping act, and we saw an amazing rock concert.  Dave was on pumping his fist, Boyd had a 10 min. solo and carter went off.  It was a rocking good time.

DMB 2006-099DMB 2006-102DMB 2006-143

I’ve done some things this summer that rocked.  The Fugly Ruckus : Cannon Beach : Rudy’s wedding : weekend party on Friday: Whidbey weekend : BBQ party at my place : The Dave Weekend : Freakin awesome : Leaving tomorrow for Europe : met a boy


(Highly summarized story of our marriage)

Two years later on the day we met we were married at Heritage Hall in Kirkland, Washington.  The summer after we were married we bought a house, then we got a dog that Christmas (Rogan!).  We’ve been in our house for 3 years now, and I’ve been house/life blogging for almost a year.  Hello, my name is Rosalie.  Welcome to my blog.  What about you? Please leave a comment so I can get to know my audience better (even if its just sisters, you guys TOTALLY count!).


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  1. Shannon
    July 4, 2012 at 7:51 am

    How’d i miss this yesterday??? What a story! Glad i count:-)

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