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Babies everywhere

I see babies all the time, my friends have them and are having or planning for seconds, and I want it so badly.

I think about it all the time, like ALL the time, but it usually just makes me sad, and want to eat. No wonder I’ve put on some weight lately.

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  1. Shannon
    December 13, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    I understand Rose. I want you to know I don’t bring it up often because I don’t want to make you sad. But you should know that I am always here to listen if/when you do want to talk.
    I think you should look for a support group. I know from my experience, that the best thing I did for myself during that time was to find other women online that were going through the same thing. Otherwise, I felt like I was going crazy! And when it was really overwealming, I got counciling. You might want to check at your church too. A big church like that should have small groups ministering to ladies like you.
    I love you Rose, and I know that God has a plan for you, even though you can’t see it now.
    Remember when you were 25 and single, wondering??


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