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Uppsala, Sweden 5.10.13

We left Seattle on Thursday morning, after a missing airplane at the terminal delayed us almost an hour.  Luckily I ran into a good friend at the same terminal flying to a different city, face timing with her hilarious husband.  It was such a joy to see a friend before we left, and it was fun to share our itinerary with her. 

Flying overnight to Stockholm, we landed early Friday morning (after the time changes) and had a dinner flight to Amsterdam, so we took the chance to travel north to the College town of Uppsala via train. 

We checked our bags in for the next flight, so we didn’t have to walk around with them, and spent about six hours walking around town.  This is a statue over the doors to a huge church.  The guy is holding an axe, standing on a depiction of a Asian person. 



We were very tired at this point, but we just needed to eat again because we still had six hours until our flight.


The Botanical garden in Uppsala.  Once we’d had enough of killing time, we headed back to the airport to fly to Amsterdam.  We flew on Norwegian Airlines, and it was a nice flight.  We were able to get our bags and get through customs and catch the last shuttle bus to the hotel I had booked that Monday through Priceline.  We stayed at the Hotel Okura, which was a nice four-star hotel in the business district of Amsterdam.  It was very nice.


We had steaks and Heineken’s and were quite impressed with how we had spent 43 hours traveling with only a few minutes of shut eye having had breakfast in Kirkland, Lunch in Uppsala, and Dinner in Amsterdam.  World Travel Rocks!

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