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Amsterdam 5.11.13

We got a solid 7 hours sleep the first night, and awoke with excitement and energy (once the curtains were opened to let in the cloudy, diffused light).  We had breakfast in our room of yogurt, juice, and something else, a muffin maybe.

I had read about the option of renting bicycles from the hotel, but the concierge talked us into the metro pass, which was great since the only other time I had been in Amsterdam I didn’t use the Tram at all.  It was really easy too, once we realized where the tram station was and that the Saturday morning tram was running late.  We were headed to the very huge museum (Rijksmuseum), and we thought we were early, but the line to get into the museum was really, REALLY long, and it was starting to rain, so we turned around and took a right turn to the Van Gogh Museum.

I’ve been before, but this time was way better, because I was looking at the art for a second time, and was able to discuss different aspects with my best friend.  Here are some of the painting…





This one is my FAVORITE Van Gogh.  Almond Blossom.  I want this painting.  I would be willing to have a con-artist like Neil Caffery paint this for me.  I love it!  I swear we took a photo of Ron’s favorite Van Gogh, but I cannot find it.  Not in the camera file, not in Ron nor my cell phone photos.  Next time…


We walked around ALL day, from the museum district, through the red light district, spent a little time at the central station learning the route to Keukenoff and Efteling.  We had lunch at a pie shop, not a dessert pie but a beef stew pie kind of shop. IMG_4152

One of the stops on the tram was for the Heiniken Brewery, and we returned after lunch for the tour.  It was a GREAT experience, very interactive with a lot of technology. 



We wandered into the night, and got a wonderful dessert.  It was a waffle, partly dipped in chocolate, with strawberry and kiwi fruit on top and whip cream.  Super tasty.  We also saw some hookers, but were pretty tired from our non-stop adventure, so we took the tram back to the hotel, but stopped for one more photo.


Very fond memories of Amsterdam, and we left plenty of reasons to return.  More adventures tomorrow.

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