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Words: Luxembourg 5.14.13

Day1 (Uppsala), Day2 (Amsterdam), Day 3 (Keukenhof), Day 4 (Efteling) can be read here.

I was the best player on my college basketball team.  I don’t say this to brag, because I was nothing without my teammates, but being an All-American somehow got me noticed overseas, and I was contacted in the Spring of 2002 about playing for a team in Luxembourg.  I was so excited because it would fulfill two of my dreams, playing professional basketball and going to Europe.  I signed my contract and waited for my plane tickets to arrive.  That August I flew out of Seattle for Luxembourg through Paris. 

I lived in a small town outside of Bettembourg, Luxembourg and played for BBC Bettembourg (BBC=Basketball Club).  What I didn’t know when I agreed to play for their club was it wasn’t serious basketball, it was like going back to high school, and once you play well it is impossible to expect anything less.  I lasted for almost five months, and returned home when my grandfather passed away. 

It was such a learning and growing experience, and it gave me the confidence to return to Europe by myself in 2006, which was actually the same day I met my husband for the first time.  Both of those trips built the desire to return with my husband, and show him the foreign country I traveled to and lived in when I was 22 years old.  Much of this trip was planned around thing’s I wanted to show him or places I wanted to go but hadn’t been yet. 

All that to say, we set off from Waalwijk to Luxembourg via train, and arrived at Luxembourg City around 1pm.  I hadn’t planned ahead, thinking that there would be a car rental place at the train terminal (turns out that’s an American way of thinking).  We bought our tickets to Brussels for later that evening, and took the bus to the Airport to get a car and drive to Bettembourg to see the gymnasium and my old apartment.  When we got to the airport, we learned that there were NO CARS TO RENT, PERIOD.  I was devastated, cried a bit, and got over it as quickly as possible.  Ron was great, such a loving supportive husband.  He had me cheered up in no time flat.

We set off to take care of some business, mailed the Efteling doll home, printed our boarding tickets for RyanAir on A4 paper, and walked hiked to the city Centre with our bags on.  We saw some familiar sights to me (all the restaurants’ in the Centre, the guard outside the king’s house, the view of the lower (moat?) village.  We took some photos and caught our train to Belgium.


A long travel day with not much pay off.  The train ride to Belgium was kind of long, there was a stop about 20 minutes into the ride where everybody got off, and the last person off the train was like “everybody has to get off here”.  Then in Namur, we thought we had to wait an hour an a half for our train, but thankfully I asked and we had to run to get on the next train.  Phew!  When we got to the right stop, we walked out and had a cab take us to our hotel (which was really nice and had a expensive breakfast buffet and expensive airport shuttle. 

Tomorrow, we fly to Rome to meet up with Andy and Erika!

One photo to leave you with, its Ron’s breakfast dessert, a nutella and bischof banana.  Deliciousness!


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