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Roma: 5.15.13 Piazza Navona: Colosseum





We flew from Charleroi Airport in Brussels to Rome on RyanAir , and this was the view as we flew over Rome.  Not a bad introduction to Italy and our first glimpse of the Colosseum.  We took a bus from the airport to the Terminal Station, and from there we had arranged to meet Andy and Erika at the rental apartment.  Instead of heading out on our own to traverse the city to an apartment we didn’t book we waited at the train station in an attempt to catch A&E as they arrived from Northern Italy.   Ron and I split up and scanned the crowd’s exiting the train platforms keeping an eye on the arrivals board and moving around to different platforms, and it worked!  We saw them and had hug’s all around, considering it was Andy’s BIRTHDAY!  From there we bought a mass-transit card for the three days we were planning on being in town, grabbed a quick lunch, and hopped on the subway to get checked into our rental apartment.  (It took a lot of street wandering, getting directions, asking a cab, almost getting on another bus, and finally walking across a huge intersection to find the apartment, and it was well worth the trouble)


Waiting to check in after a day of travel = the need to stretch, and turn it into a competition.

Once we took the tour of the apartment, we changed and went out exploring this huge, ancient city.  We caught a cab after waiting for 10 minutes for a bus at a bus stop that the lights went out on as we arrived.  Once we got in the cab, the bus came down the street and followed us down the hill towards the Piazza.  Seriously, there are so many places of interest and every one of them was a photo stop, so we took a lot of photos…Here is a sampling of our first afternoon/evening in Italy.



IMG_4468Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi on Piazza NavonaIMG_4486IMG_4490



At the Colosseum, we each bartered for a purchase from the overbearing/rude immigrant salesmen.  They were a bunch of hustlers, but eventually both Ron and I came to an agreement (got the merchant to sell it to us for what we were willing to pay).  Ron bought a awesome green lazer* for 8 euro, down from 25 I think and I bought an umbrella for a euro.  It was drizzling, and I had a hood on, but who wouldn’t buy an umbrella in a rainy city for a euro?  It was a wonderfully long day of travel and wandering, and it was fun to join forces with the Mikles.  Sleep came quickly this night.


Bad Asses @ Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi on Piazza Navona


*I feel the word lazer should definitely have a Z in it, instead of an S. Just saying.

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