My Own Garden


First Published March 13 2010

Planted the Hosta’s we bought at Costco in Salem. It was also the puppy’s first trip to the Ocean, and he really loved it.
Back to the Hosta’s; last year I planted one of two hosta’s I bought on discount at Costco. The other one was still in the pot. I had three donated Hosta’s in the ground under the giant doug fir trees, and 8 bulbs from Costco. I didn’t want to step on the hostas while they are emerging, so I gathered rocks from one side of the driveway and made rings around them so I would know where not to step. The weather changed from sunny bird chirping to windy occasional drop so I called it a day and put everything back in the garage.

Update 9/2013: Not many of the hosta’s are doing well, but most of them are alive.  Im getting ready to renovate the garden area, moving plants to the back yard so that the front is ready when the tulip bulbs arrive.  Things to be moved include lavandar, peaony, hydrengas (4) and roses.  Some things are getting shuffeled around, and most are moving to the back yard.  Since it only requires labor, I think I will go transplant some hydrengas now.

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    September 26, 2013 at 6:49 pm


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