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Roma: Day 2: 5.16.13:

Since it was a drizzly morning, we decided to spend a fair amount of the morning at the Vatican Museum, and based on plenty of recommendations, we joined a tour group to explain the history behind the art, sculpture, maps, mosaics, paintings, architecture, church processes, and this and that. 






Andy & Erika check out a LARGE leaf!


Tile Mosaic!  This is just a corner of the whole piece! #Outstandingtilework


Lots of people.IMG_4576

Art covers every inch of available space, even the ceiling (when it isn’t alfresco by Michelangelo)



In St. Peters Basilica.

After leaving the museum and St. Peters, we had a rejuvenating  lunch and left for Di Castel Saint Angelo.

WP_001285 (1)WP_001562WP_001354

WP_001294 (1)

WP_001306 (1)

Dome of St. Peters Basilica as seen from di Castel De Saint Angelo.


WP_001308 (2)WP_001600


WP_001366 (1)

Goodbye Di Castel (my what big doors you have)

We were once again exhausted from walking and learning and taking photographs, etc. We returned to the apartment Erika rented for a break and Ron bought salami and cheese and bread for a quick afternoon snack.  The store was at the

WP_001367 (1)WP_001604WP_001605

Not having done enough for the day, we changed and headed out to see the Trevi Fountain (you know, so we can throw a coin and and guarantee a return trip to Italy!)





Ron trying to land a coin as high as he can!

From the Trevi Fountain, we followed Rick Steves’ suggestion and directions to get to the Spanish Steps.  Everywhere in Rome has at least 7 streets intersecting it and different names for the same street for each block (not to mention they seemingly hide the street names so you can’t see them), so it can be confusing but we eventually made it.  There were more street vendors there selling the same things, and we walked to the top and the guys went off to find some vino.  Erika and I were approached by a flower “salesman”, who we refused repeatedly.  Eventually he offered each of us a flower for free, and after holding them for five seconds asked us to give him some money for the flowers.  We promptly returned the roses.  The guys returned with tallboy Heinekens, and we started walking down to find a spot to sit and rest on the Steps (which are made of marble).  After a few steps (and I hadn’t even drank (yet) that evening) my flip-flop wearing foot was parallel with my face and my ass hit the step with a lot of force (thankfully not full force, since Ron caught my arm at the last second).  Needless to say, I had a HUGE bruise on my backside and the lovely beer turned into a pain reliever. 


Sitting on the Spanish Steps

Still not ready to call it a night, we wondered away from the Steps in search of another fountain.  We found it, but it was under re-construction and hidden behind plywood.  More wandering ensued and we ended up at another fountain, surrounded by two huge curved buildings.  We never learned where in Rome we ended up.  Just to the left, in the picture below, there was a large Asian tourist group and the couples were being posed for photos.  This is Ron and My take on our own pose.  I love this man (I think he is giving you blue steel here!).



Luckily, there was a subway station (at the building behind my head) close and we were able to catch the last train before they closed for the night.  Erika couldn’t find her metro card or change to buy one so I slipped her my card so we could make the train.  It would have been a long walk or an expensive cab ride if we had missed that train.  After a long and eventful day, we finally called it a day.

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