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Tyler Barton

Today, after lunch, I got some bad news.  Sad news.  A friend died yesterday.  His name was Tyler, and I’ve known him for three or four years, maybe five.  We played on the same basketball team at the gym, he works at Microsoft.  I was the only girl on the team and in the league, and Tyler knew exactly how to treat me.  He passed me the ball, set screens for me, and helped me up when I would be knocked to the ground.  Writing these words makes the loss set in so much more, realizing that I’ll not see him on the court again.  Tyler always said a friendly hello, and was the only guy on the team that I would hug if it’d been a while since I’d seen him. 

He was always hurting himself.  He would show up to a summer league game with bandages on his legs from a mountain biking accident, or a raspberry somewhere.  It comes as no surprise that a accident is what took his life.  He had gotten into mountain climbing a few years ago, and I lived vicariously through the photos fro his climbs.  We would chat about his latest climb while warming up for a basketball game.  Over the weekend, Tyler was repelling the face of a rock and a boulder above him came loose and he fell to his death.

Tyler was the most polite basketball player I have ever known.  He had his own way of warming up, doing deep knee squats to stretch out. He also had a interesting-retro shot from outside.  A deep jump to a high release.  On the court he was positive for his teammates, apologized for any foul he committed (even if it was a called foul or just one he knew he committed) and would all too easily get down on himself.  Christmas 2012 was the last time I saw him in person, at the Microsoft Christmas Party.  It was fun to finally see him outside of the gym, and I felt that he would be a friend for years to come.  Life has ended for him, but he has made an impact on my life, and obviously on so many more.  He was quite a wonderful man.

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  1. January 13, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    I am (was) Tyler’s father. I loved my son deeply. Your words have, once again, made me VERY proud to be Tyler’s father.

    thank you.

    Rodger Barton

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