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Blessings of Life




I’ve decided that I miss blogging. I realized that I am over putting tons of photos on facebook, trying to show how happy and perfect my life is. Blogging is, for me at least, a way to show the process involved in getting the photos. My life is so great (and not in the Seinfeld comedy routine sense of great). I hit the jackpot in the spouse lottery. My family (both sides) are wonderful to be around, its just too bad so many loved ones have spread out across the country. I have an awesome dog, a lovely new-ish job that will prove to be a nice stepping stone, and my house is nearly complete. 2014 was a fast year, no big trips were taken, but there were plenty of small ones. There needs to be a 2014 recap post, but this is not that post. This is about the time after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

We went to the Bavarian town of Leavenworth with Ron’s parents. We had a lovely friends-giving and watched the Hawks win easily. We watched our 13 year old niece and 8 year old nephew perform their Christmas show for their choir. Ron had another birthday, a relaxed evening for us. We visited the sushi/ramen restaurant he beat the challenge at, shopped at container store, and watched snowflake lane.

I had another year end procedure, this time in my mouth. Not a pleasant two weeks with stitches in my gums. Ron was able to take a lot of time off work (use it or lose it policy on vacation days), so when I got my stitches out we had lunch on the 28th floor of Bellevue’s Microsoft tower. I loved seeing the city I grew up in from so high up.

For the first time in my adult life, I had to work on Christmas Eve. Only a half day, and it was over before I knew it. I really like my co-workers, and my situation at work. Also, as much as I love my job, I love taking extended time away from work and spending every minute with my love. Because I had to work, we got up together on Christmas Eve in the wee hours (6am) and exchanged stockings and gifts. My man loves to spoil me. I love to be spoiled by him, its great to be able to give gifts to each other. For the eighth year running, he beat me out for the title of “Best Gift-giver”. The man has serious skillz. I was a close second this year, but a misunderstanding on the name of a gift, and Ron’s outrageous skills meant I had very little chance.

I got home from work, and Ron and I packed the car to the top with gifts, bags, Rogan, and hit the road for the next six days. We visited Covington, Grants Pass, Las Vegas, Williams AZ and finally got home on 12/30. I had to work on the 31st, and then we rung in the new year with a lovely cocktail party.

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