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Backyard progress

We’ve made leaps and bounds forward in the backyard. Lots to do, including lots of wedding, but I love it!!

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More weekend photos.

March 30, 2015 1 comment


All dressed up with somewhere to go (Teatro Zinzani)


Luke talked us into having some champagne and then a second bottle of wine.


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Relaxing after a dinner with friends (with the Walking Dead aftershow of course)

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Weekend photos…

They didn’t attach to the last post. Here are some…I’ve got to fix editing issues on the others.




Motorcycle selfie on Saturday ( taken south of the Snohomish Airfield)

Seattle Public Library (taken Saturday morning while heading to the Long Tall Sally pop-up store)




Sunday’s shopping for a dinner with friends (aka motivation to deep clean and declutter the house)

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What a weekend so far…

What a weekend it’s been so far… Friday night, fully dressed up for teatro zinzani. Sat morning informational meeting follows by a motorcycle ride. Sat evening dinner with Luke and then prosecco and red wine. Tomorrow, maybe wine tasting in Woodinville.

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Tyler Barton

September 17, 2013 1 comment

Today, after lunch, I got some bad news.  Sad news.  A friend died yesterday.  His name was Tyler, and I’ve known him for three or four years, maybe five.  We played on the same basketball team at the gym, he works at Microsoft.  I was the only girl on the team and in the league, and Tyler knew exactly how to treat me.  He passed me the ball, set screens for me, and helped me up when I would be knocked to the ground.  Writing these words makes the loss set in so much more, realizing that I’ll not see him on the court again.  Tyler always said a friendly hello, and was the only guy on the team that I would hug if it’d been a while since I’d seen him. 

He was always hurting himself.  He would show up to a summer league game with bandages on his legs from a mountain biking accident, or a raspberry somewhere.  It comes as no surprise that a accident is what took his life.  He had gotten into mountain climbing a few years ago, and I lived vicariously through the photos fro his climbs.  We would chat about his latest climb while warming up for a basketball game.  Over the weekend, Tyler was repelling the face of a rock and a boulder above him came loose and he fell to his death.

Tyler was the most polite basketball player I have ever known.  He had his own way of warming up, doing deep knee squats to stretch out. He also had a interesting-retro shot from outside.  A deep jump to a high release.  On the court he was positive for his teammates, apologized for any foul he committed (even if it was a called foul or just one he knew he committed) and would all too easily get down on himself.  Christmas 2012 was the last time I saw him in person, at the Microsoft Christmas Party.  It was fun to finally see him outside of the gym, and I felt that he would be a friend for years to come.  Life has ended for him, but he has made an impact on my life, and obviously on so many more.  He was quite a wonderful man.

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My Own Garden

September 6, 2013 1 comment


First Published March 13 2010

Planted the Hosta’s we bought at Costco in Salem. It was also the puppy’s first trip to the Ocean, and he really loved it.
Back to the Hosta’s; last year I planted one of two hosta’s I bought on discount at Costco. The other one was still in the pot. I had three donated Hosta’s in the ground under the giant doug fir trees, and 8 bulbs from Costco. I didn’t want to step on the hostas while they are emerging, so I gathered rocks from one side of the driveway and made rings around them so I would know where not to step. The weather changed from sunny bird chirping to windy occasional drop so I called it a day and put everything back in the garage.

Update 9/2013: Not many of the hosta’s are doing well, but most of them are alive.  Im getting ready to renovate the garden area, moving plants to the back yard so that the front is ready when the tulip bulbs arrive.  Things to be moved include lavandar, peaony, hydrengas (4) and roses.  Some things are getting shuffeled around, and most are moving to the back yard.  Since it only requires labor, I think I will go transplant some hydrengas now.

Kitchen remodel is STARTING!!

Four years, three months and two days after moving into out home and subsequently ripping out the kitchen/fireplace/furnace/and tearing down a wall we have started our kitchen remodel! On Sept. 2nd we ordered the range hood from and it has shipped. Here is the intended layout, but there is a lot of preliminary work to be done before cabinets are ordered (from Ikea). Things like rip out the ceiling, new can lights throughout the kitchen and living room, balancing the furnace so the rooms don’t bake during he winter, plumbing, electrical work, new flooring, and new appliances. “God has blessed me, come and share my life”xxx

xxx xxx


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